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Course Info

Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Time:  8:30 - 9:50 am
Location: A1200 MPS (Molecular Plant Sciences

Instructor Team

Tammy M. Long
S-336 Plant Biology
Office Hrs: 10:00 am, and by appointment. Contact me by e-mail for an appointment.

Rebecca Blundell

Molly McNamee

Required Materials

  1. Textbook. Biology, 9th Edition (or newer) by Campbell and Reese, 2010. Additional information about the text is located at the FAQ page.
  2. i-Clicker 2. Be sure to get the i-Clicker brand. Many courses use clickers, but there are several versions and they are not inter-compatible. i-Clicker is one of the two standard models currently supported by MSU. If you have an i-Clicker 1, you can use it in class without any problems. We will register your clickers in class. DO NOT use the on-line registration that is described on the i-Clicker package. Additional information about clickers is located at the FAQ page.
  3. Carbonless Notebook. Hayden McNeil Student Lab Notebook 50 pages. We will regularly assign and collect in-class work that you will complete on your own, or in collaboration with your group. Carbonless paper allows us to collect a copy of your work while you also keep a permanent copy for your records and from which to study. We will use no more than 1-3 sheets per class meeting.

* Be sure to bring you iClicker and Carbonless notebook to class with you each time. In additon, bring your pens or pencils and paper for taking notes.