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1/28/15 – First Lab Meeting of 2015

In this week’s lab meeting, we went through the introductions of personnel in our lab. Recently, we hired Mitch, Hannah, and Noah as 3 new Undergraduate Research Assistants for the Long Lab. Following the introductions, we made sure that everyone was able to complete their Human Subjects training, understand Long Lab Policies, and orient them to what we do in the lab.

Next, Dr. Long discussed the idea of creating Content Quizzes for the Biological Sciences 162 course that she will instruct in the Fall. The Content Quizzes are aimed to address the issue that some students feel that they did not “learn” any content while participating in the course. These Content Quizzes would be simple Level 1 Bloom assessments that test student knowledge on specific topics form the course.

After the discussion content quizzes, Seth addressed his desire for developing a Model-based assessment module for the Integrative Studies Biological course that he will be teaching this summer. The Long Lab plans on implementing some model fundamentals into the course.

Lastly, Etiowo brought up the new technologies that we plan on integrating into the Long Lab. Some of these technologies include Livescribe Pens, interactive smart boards, and new desktop computers.


Next week (2/4/2015), we plan on discussion the REAL and REESE grants.