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2/10/14 – Verbal Final paper

In today’s meeting we discussed a paper on student success after taking an optional verbal final in a Lyman Briggs class at Michigan State University.  This success was analyzed by the GPA of the students who passed versus those who did not pass the verbal final in upper division science courses at MSU and a  Medical Assessment (MAT) posttest which included questions from the MCAT.  Although the study did show higher GPA and MAT scores we thought the paper would have been more effective with a more detailed explanation of the “control group”  and a pretest or an earlier exam to compare to the MAT post scores.  Next week we will discuss preliminary blooming results.



Douglas, Luckie. “Verbal Final Exam in Introductory Biology Yields Gains in Student Content Knowledge and Longitudinal Performance.”CBE-Life Science Education. 12.Fall (2013): 515-529. Print.