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Reforming Introductory Biology

Science classrooms across the country are changing the way science is taught. Specifically, many instructors are heeding the advice of decades worth of literature that says science should be taught as it is practiced and that students need to be active participants in their learning of science. Studies provide evidence that a learner-centered approach can improve science learning. However, the literature provides little insight about impacts beyond the classroom.

Our project, Reforming Introductory Biology at MSU – Does it Make a Difference? (NSF DUE 0736928, PI: Long), analyzes both short- and long-term outcomes resulting from introductory biology reform. We are following students through their upper-division science courses in order to determine the influence of reform on their achievement and attrition from STEM majors.

Students at desks Students in a group

Where have we presented this research?

Introductory Biology Project (invited talk) - 2012

American Association for Advancement in Science Annual Meeting - 2012

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting - 2012, 2011, 2010

Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research - 2012, 2011

Michigan State University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum - 2012, 2011