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Lab News

January 2021 

Long Lab welcomes two new undergraduate researchers. 
Gabriella Cuenca (Human Biology Major) and Hannah Ahmed (Biomedical and Molecular Nutritional Sciences Major) joined the Long Lab. They are familiar faces, as they were Undergraduate Learning Assistants for Tammy’s Intro-Bio course last semester. Welcome Hannah and Gabriella! 

Tammy and Jyothi attended the NRT Annual meeting and presented a poster.

December 2020  

Beth was interviewed on TV  

November 2020  

Joelyn successfully defended her PhD.
Congratulations Dr de Lima! She had ~140 people from 5 continents and at least 13 time zones around the world joining her zoom defense! She spoke about her research on Contextual Influences on Reasoning and Representations of Evolutionary Concepts. You can find her talk at this link: tinyurl.com/deLimaDefense 

September 2020  

Tammy is up to more stuff! 
She is now the acting director for the NRT-IMPACTS program for the academic year 2020-21.  

July 2020  

Beth and Joelyn present at SABER 2020 
A first for us – presenting at an online conference! In a session that was chaired by Tammy (keeping it in the house), Beth presented her research on integrating motivation theories to measure students’ motivational profiles, and Joelyn presented on her research on the influence of mode of response on the content of student responses.  

May 2020  

Joelyn gets the Bessy Award! 
Joelyn got the inaugural Bessey award for Outstanding Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research in the Department of Plant Biology. This award was established in honor of E.A. Bessey (son of Charles Bessey) who was a Botany professor at MSU.  

Long Lab welcomes one new undergraduate researcher. 
Donovan Dumoulin (Interdepartmental Biological-Science education major) going into his senior year has joined the Long Lab. Welcome Donovan! 

April 2020  

Tammy gets a well-deserved award 
Tammy Long received the American Society of Plant Biologists Excellence in Education Award for 2020. Huge honor, very much deserved. Congrats Tammy! 

March 2020  

Time to work from home! 
As MSU moves to online instruction, the Long Lab also moved to working from home. Among the big logistical hurdles – who will take care of our pet fish Angelica and her mates? 

January 2020

Undergraduate Research ramps up in the Long Lab
Devin and Hunter are busy preparing for the The 22nd Annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) at MSU which will take place in March 2020. 

December 2019

Seth and Beth conquer the Corteva- PBGB-NRT IMPACTS Symposium
Seth and Beth co-taught a genomics workshop with their co-NRT-IMPACTS trainees, for the Corteva- PBGB-NRT IMPACTS Symposium, held on December 12-13th. 
Beth also presented her research using machine learning to predict achievement groups at the Corteva- PBGB-NRT IMPACTS Symposium poster session. 

October 2019

The Long Lab gets a makeover!
The Long Lab physical space got a long awaited makeover. We now have a big fancy table top (that will make sorting data so much easier) and lovely matching kitchen cabinets!

September 2019

Joelyn continues her travels - presents at EERA in Hamburg, Germany
Joelyn attended the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) and the Emerging Researchers Conference  organised by the European Educational Research Association in Hamburg, Germany. She presented a short talk at the ECER conference. 

Josh Marwede joined the Long Lab! 
The Long lab welcomed one more undergraduate researcher this month. Josh Marwede, is a freshman at Michigan State University’s College of Lyman Briggs pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Psychology. He will get his feet wet with transcription of student data, while he is pondering his research interests. 
Welcome, Josh!

Tammy and Jyothi attend the NRT Annual Meeting at Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois.

August 2019

Welcome back Seth - the Long Lab grows again!
We now have a new (old) member in the Long Lab. Seth Hunt officially joined the department of Plant Biology and our lab as a graduate student! Seth comes back to us from the University of Delaware where he was a preceptor. 
All the very best, Seth!
Joelyn explores Bologna, Italy - and presents at ESERA
Joelyn attended and presented a short talk at her first European conference. The European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) 2019 conference was held in Bologna, Italy. In addition to having a lot of amazing conversations, she also got to have a lot of amazing cheese. 

July 2019

Long Lab contingent at SABER 2019
The Long Lab had a strong presence at the annual Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) conference, held in Minneapolis, MN. Tammy, Jyothi, Beth, and Seth presented their research and got valuable feedback. Tammy and Jyothi also conducted a workshop. It was also nice to catch up with friends and colleagues from far and near

Joelyn manages to stay awake through the GRS UBER and the GRC UBER!
This was no mean task since a normal day at the Gordon Research Conference/Seminars starts at 7AM and goes on till almost 11PM! She was awake enough to present at both the Seminar and the Conference. The Gordon Research Conference in Undergraduate Biology Education Research and the Gordon Research Seminar with the same name were held in Bates College, Maine this year. 

Caleb is now a professor - happy/sad news from the Long Lab 
Our Post-doc, Caleb Trujilo, has left beautiful Lansing (and us) and had moved to meh Seattle. He is now a fancy associate professor in data visualization and data analysis at the University of Washington Bothell. While we miss him a lot, we are so thrilled about his new adventure.
All the very best, Caleb! 

May 2019

Beth Gettings successfully defended her dissertation proposal!
By doing so she completed her second (and final) round of comprehensive exams. She is now officially a Ph. D. candidate. 
Congratulations, Beth!

Joelyn gets a Certification in College Teaching
After working on her teaching portfolio for the last couple of years, Joelyn finally got her Certification in College Teaching from the Graduate School at MSU. 
Congratulations, Joelyn!

April 2019

Devin and Hunter presented at UURAF 
They analyzed an exam given in an introductory biology course and measured students’ consistency of core genetics concepts.  They found that students are often inconsistent in their ability to represent their understanding of concepts across multiple items.